Charles A. Hall

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Complicated grief (CG) is increasingly recognized as a debilitating outcome of bereavement. Given the intensity of the stressor, its chronicity, and its association with depression, it is important to know the impact CG may have on cognitive functioning. This exploratory and descriptive study examined global and domain-specific cognitive functioning in a(More)
Hall, C.A.S., 1988. An assessment of several of the historically most influential theoretical models used in ecology and of the data provided in their support. Ecol. Modelling, 43: 5-31. Certain theoretical models (the logistic, Lotka-Volterra and density-dependent stock recruitment models in fisheries) and their mathematical representations are used(More)
OBJECTIVE This study explored whether older black and white adults with major depressive disorder differed in rates of remission or attrition during open-label treatment with venlafaxine and supportive care. METHODS A total of 47 black (10%) and 412 white (90%) adults age ≥60 were treated with open-label venlafaxine extended-release (≤300 mg per day) for(More)
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