Charles A. Bryan

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Cough capacity was evaluated in 22 patients with muscular dystrophy (MD) using subjective cough assessment, cough flow-volume curves, maximum expiratory pressures (MEP), forced vital capacity (FVC), and peak expiratory flow rates (PEFR). In ten of the 22 patients transients of peak flow were generated during cough flow-volume maneuvers, indicating dynamic(More)
The Pluto system was recently explored by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, making closest approach on 14 July 2015. Pluto's surface displays diverse landforms, terrain ages, albedos, colors, and composition gradients. Evidence is found for a water-ice crust, geologically young surface units, surface ice convection, wind streaks, volatile transport, and(More)
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is characterised by immaturity both of alveoli and pulmonary vasculature. In a prospective analysis of 46 infants with CDH presenting within the first 6 hours of life, simultaneous blood gases drawn from umbilical and right radial artery lines identified a group of 23 patients with severe hypoxemia due mainly to(More)
"Open the lung and keep it open" is increasingly accepted as a fundamental principle for mechanical ventilation. However, it is sometimes very difficult, or impossible, to recruit the diseased lung. We questioned whether one could facilitate recruitment by using a low dose of fluorocarbon in a model previously shown to be non-recruitable by conventional(More)
This paper presents a part of our work on understanding the effect of nanoscale pore space confinement on ion sorption by mesoporous materials. Acid-base titration experiments were performed on both mesoporous alumina and alumina particles under various ionic strengths. The point of zero charge (PZC) for mesoporous alumina was measured to be approximately(More)
Capillary trapping of a nonwetting fluid phase in the subsurface has been considered as an important mechanism for geologic storage of carbon dioxide (CO(2)). This mechanism can potentially relax stringent requirements for the integrity of cap rocks for CO(2) storage and therefore can significantly enhance storage capacity and security. We here apply(More)
<lb>The purpose of the paper is IO develop a method of calculating the aggregate<lb>loss distribution for a policy covering excess claims over occurrence limit plus<lb>claims arising from the primary losses over an underlying annual aggregate. Usually. when working with losses from more than one source you would<lb>determine the aggregate distributions of(More)
Attempts to wean ventilator-dependent infants with BPD have been made by trying to reduce bronchospasm using β agonist drugs or caffeine. However, all drugs tested to date were not β2 selective and their use has been associated with unaccepted tachycardia. We studied the pharmacokinetics and respiratory dynamics of salbutamol after an IV infusion of 1(More)