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Institutional Work in the Transformation of an Organizational Field: The Interplay of Boundary Work and Practice Work
We draw on an in-depth longitudinal analysis of conflict over harvesting practices and decision authority in the British Columbia coastal forest industry to understand the role of institutional workExpand
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A Tale of Passion: New Insights into Entrepreneurship from a Parenthood Metaphor
As part of an attempt to make entrepreneurship more congruent with everyday experiences, the founding of a new firm is compared to the birth of a child.Following a discussion of the role of metaphorsExpand
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The War of the Woods: Facilitators and Impediments of Organizational Learning Processes
This study examines unfolding organizational learning processes at MacMillan Bloedel, a company which, after years of resisting stakeholder pressures for change, disengaged from the field's dominantExpand
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Field or fields? Building the scaffolding for cumulation of research on institutional fields
The concept of an institutional field is one of the cornerstones of institutional theory, and yet the concept has been stretched both theoretically and empirically, making consolidation of findingsExpand
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Does money matter?: Wealth attainment as the motive for initiating growth-oriented technology ventures
Abstract The desire to attain personal wealth has long been regarded as the foremost motive for entrepreneurship. Other goals and values, however, may also contribute to entrepreneurial motivation.Expand
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I need time!: Exploring pathways to compliance under institutional complexity
In this study, we examined responses to institutional complexity by analyzing when and how organizations respond to a coercive institutional demand from a powerful constituent when other importantExpand
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Emergent Identity Work and Institutional Change: The ‘Quiet’ Revolution of Japanese Middle-Class Housewives
How do relatively low-power, role-constrained actors break through their constraints in a highly institutionalized environment? Examining the experience of Japanese middle-class housewives involvedExpand
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Constructing a Shared Governance Logic: The Role of Emotions in Enabling Dually Embedded Agency
In a longitudinal qualitative study of a water stewardship council, we build theory about how and why actors embedded in disparate logics across multiple fields can overcome the constraints of thei...
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What Competition? Myopic Self-Focus in Market-Entry Decisions
This paper documents egocentric biases in market-entry decisions. We demonstrate self-focused explanations for entry decisions made by three groups of participants: actual entrepreneurs (founders),Expand
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