Charlene O'Hanlon

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Jordan Cohen calls himself 'sort of an engineer and sort of a linguist.' This diverse background has been the foundation for his long history working with speech technology, including almost 30 years with government agencies, with a little time out in the middle to work in IBM's speech recognition group. Until recently he was the chief technology officer of(More)
As authors of the seminal textbook, <em>Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach</em> (4th Edition, Morgan Kaufmann, 2006), John Hennessy and David Patterson probably don&#8217;t need an introduction. You&#8217;ve probably read them in college or, if you were lucky enough, even attended one of their classes. Since rethinking, and then rewriting,(More)
The IT world has long been plagued by a disconnect between theory and practice&#8212;academics theorizing in their ivory towers; programmers at &#8220;Initech&#8221; toiling away in their corporate cubicles. While this might be a somewhat na&#239;ve characterization, the fact remains that both academics and practitioners could do a better job of sharing(More)
Technology is a catch-22. It makes our lives easier and more productive, but in doing so it also makes us more vulnerable to the elements that can make our lives very difficult. Need to contact a friend or colleague? Send an e-mail, but beware of those return messages with viruses that can infect your system and turn it into a heap of useless(More)
When thinking about purpose-built systems, it&#8217;s easy to focus on the high-visibility consumer products&#8212;the iPods, the TiVos. Lying in the shadows of the corporate data center, however, are a number of less-glamorous devices built primarily to do one specific thing&#8212;and do it well and reliably.
Sometimes, the undertaking of a task leads to a result far different from the expected. Any homeowner can attest to that. Case in point: About four years ago, after living in my cozy little cape for about two years, I decided to replace the toilet in the upstairs bathroom because it had not been installed properly, which made me nervous each time it was(More)
When I was growing up I used to have these frightening dreams in which I had no use of my arms or legs. I was helpless to do anything for myself and could only watch the world walk by. Armchair psychoanalysts and dream interpreters would have a field day with those dreams, especially since they occurred during the height of my adolescent/teen years,(More)
I am of the opinion that humans are not flexible creatures. We resist change like oil resists water. Even if a change is made for the good of humankind, if it messes around with our daily routine, then our natural instinct is to fight the change like a virus.