Charlene O'Hanlon

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Technology is a catch-22. It makes our lives easier and more productive, but in doing so it also makes us more vulnerable to the elements that can make our lives very difficult. Need to contact a(More)
I hate my car. I really do. Not because it’s a minivan—that was a lapse in judgment on my part that I can (and do) smack myself for, but that’s not the car’s fault. I hate my minivan because it is(More)
Sometimes, the undertaking of a task leads to a result far different from the expected. Any homeowner can attest to that. Case in point: About four years ago, after living in my cozy little cape for(More)
When I was growing up I used to have these frightening dreams in which I had no use of my arms or legs. I was helpless to do anything for myself and could only watch the world walk by. Armchair(More)
I am of the opinion that humans are not flexible creatures. We resist change like oil resists water. Even if a change is made for the good of humankind, if it messes around with our daily routine,(More)