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Protecting crop yield under drought stress is a major challenge for modern agriculture. One biotechnological target for improving plant drought tolerance is the genetic manipulation of the stress response to the hormone abscisic acid (ABA). Previous genetic studies have implicated the involvement of the beta-subunit of Arabidopsis farnesyltransferase (ERA1)(More)
Maintaining greater than 95% adherence to antiretroviral medication is necessary in order to have the greatest therapeutic impact on HIV infection. Furthermore, evidence suggests that adherence rates of between 70% and 89% are significantly associated with viral rebound and the development of drug resistance. Adherence rates at and above the 95% level are(More)
Our aim was to determine if a comprehensive adherence package improved self reported adherence to antiretroviral therapy. The adherence package included an education programme, individualized planning of regimens, and the opportunity for a patient to choose from a number of adherence aids and reminder devices. A randomized step wedge design was used.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to first- and second-line agents in adult pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) patients in Cameroon using a novel phenotypic assay. SETTING Samples were collected from TB patients at Bamenda Hospital in Bamenda, Cameroon. DESIGN Samples were collected consecutively from adult pulmonary TB(More)
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