Charlene Christie

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In order to understand addition and subtraction fully, children have to know about the relation between these two operations. We looked at this knowledge in two studies. In one we asked whether 5- and 6-year-old children understand that addition and subtraction cancel each other out and whether this understanding is based on the identity of the addend and(More)
Two studies tested the prediction that belief in a negative stereotype about an in-group will cause members to shift from viewing their in-group as a social identity to viewing it as a frame of reference. The stereotype that was the focus of inquiry was the belief that women have less aptitude at math and spatial tasks than do men. In both studies, female(More)
The aim of this study was to examine the relationship of spiritual well-being in college female non-binge, objective binge and binge-trait eaters. Therefore, this study aimed to measure spiritual well-being in non-binge, objective binge and partial/full-syndrome binge eating disorder college females. Survey research was conducted using a randomized sample(More)
The present study investigated autonomic nervous system (ANS) patterning during experimentally manipulated emotion. Film clips previously shown to induce amusement, anger, contentment, disgust, fear, and sadness, in addition to a neutral control, were presented to 34 college-aged subjects while electrodermal activity, blood pressure and electrocardiogram(More)
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