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BACKGROUND Tobacco control policies in health care settings are necessary to protect patients, employees, physicians, visitors, and volunteers from the dangers of secondhand smoke. This report documents the process of developing and introducing a comprehensive tobacco control policy in one Canadian regional health authority. CONTEXT Capital Health (CH), a(More)
BACKGROUND Extended use of combined pharmacotherapies to treat tobacco dependence may increase smoking abstinence; few studies have examined their effectiveness. The objective of this study was to evaluate smoking abstinence with standard nicotine patch (NRT), extended use of combined formulations of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT+), or varenicline (VR).(More)
Reports from the seventies and eighties have shown that cystic fibrosis (CF) patients with severe lung disease have high levels of IgG and that this is associated with worse prognosis. We decided to explore IgG level as a possible outcome parameter for lung disease severity in a cohort of pediatric CF patients treated according to current standards of care.(More)
BACKGROUND In December 2014, China announced that only voluntarily donated organs from citizens would be used for transplantation after January 1, 2015. Many medical professionals worldwide believe that China has stopped using organs from death-row prisoners. DISCUSSION In the present article, we briefly review the historical development of organ(More)
DESCRIPTION The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine's guidelines have been updated to develop more detailed guidance for treatment of acute, subacute, chronic, and postoperative pain with opioids. METHODS Literature searches were performed using PubMed, EBSCO, Cochrane Review, and Google Scholar without publication date limits. Of(More)
OBJECTIVE GH acts through the GH receptor (GHR). The GHR gene contains a genetic polymorphism caused by a deletion of exon 3 (d3), with high frequency in the normal population. There is a continuing controversy whether the presence or absence of the exon 3 deletion (d3+ vs. d3-) affects the effect of GH in human growth. DESIGN, PATIENTS AND MEASUREMENTS(More)
In May 2010, following reports of neuropsychiatric adverse events, Health Canada compelled the makers of the newest smoking cessation prescription medication, varenicline, to carry a boxed warning label.1 Warnings regarding increased risk of aggression and suicidal thoughts and behaviour have been in place for bupropion, another smoking cessation(More)