Charité N Ricker

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This study investigated the ability of human observers to discriminate the direction of laterally-moving cyclopean stimuli, in order to assess some of the properties of stereoscopic mechanisms that mediate the perception of cyclopean motion (motion existing at levels of binocular integration). The stimuli were moving grating patterns created from dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVES As Latinos are a growing ethnic group in the United States, it is important to understand the socio-cultural factors that may be associated with cancer screening and prevention in this population. The socio-cultural factors that may affect preparedness to undergo genetic cancer risk assessment (GCRA) deserve particular attention. The pre-GCRA(More)
A patient/family-centered conference was conducted at an underserved community hospital to address Latinas’ post-genetic cancer risk assessment (GCRA) medical information and psychosocial support needs, and determine the utility of the action research format. Latinas seen for GCRA were recruited to a half-day conference conducted in Spanish. Content was(More)
Unfortunately, the grant number provided in the acknowledgment has been published incorrectly. The correct reference number is M01RR000043.
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