Charis Lengen

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Young people are at high risk of sexually transmitted infections, especially Chlamydia trachomatis, the most prevalent bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the developed world. Young people lack knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and are more aware of the risks of unwanted pregnancy than their risk of acquiring a STD. Different STD(More)
Geschwind and Behan (1982) and Geschwind and Galaburda (1985a, 1985b, 1985c) suggested a correlation between brain laterality and immune disorders. To test whether this hypothesis holds true not only for the frequency of immune diseases and circulating autoantibodies, but extends also to cellular immunity, we examined the association between handedness and(More)
This study aims to analyse the relationship between self-reported health characteristics and to explore latent cultural structures in the Swiss health survey. Based on categorical principal component analysis, a conceptual model of 'health space' was constructed which can be interpreted as a collective perception of health. The first dimension of the(More)
Self-perceived health is an important characteristic for the investigation of public health questions. Based on health characteristics from the 1997 Swiss Health Survey, the relationship between health perception and geographic areas in Switzerland was analysed. Using an explorative data analysis, categorical principal component analysis, a two-dimensional(More)
The aim of this review is to bring the phenomenological sense of place approach together with current results from neuroscience. We searched in neuroscientific literature for ten dimensions which were beforehand identified to be important in a phenomenological sense of place/place identity model: behaviour, body, emotion, attention, perception, memory,(More)
In Germany, protozoal parasites are detected frequently in surface waters. This study aims to assess the parasitological pollution in a river course and two of its tributaries under regular weather conditions. Cryptosporidium was detected in 67% of all samples. The median concentration was 4 oocysts/100l. Giardia lamblia were detected in 90% of the samples.(More)
Place has a special characteristic - a physical visual shape - that operates as an intensive visual idea. Drawing from the 'therapeutic landscape' concept (Gesler, 1992), this study focuses on the clients in a psychiatric clinic in Switzerland and how they experience place through a psychotherapeutic painting and autobiographical narration process. Based on(More)
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