Charis Kechagias

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In the light of the introduction of 3G systems, we present a comprehensive study of the performance of GSM and GPRS. UMTS is already in a few countries deployed, on the other hand it is expected that it will be limited to hot-spot areas, while voice calls will be preferably established with existing networks. At the early 80’s, when GSM was introduced it(More)
Traffic overload in wireless systems is one of the major network shortcomings which has a direct influence on the user satisfaction. In this paper we briefly describe the problem of traffic congestion and we propose an architecture that can be integrated in any cellular system of present generation and considering a set of modifications can also be applied(More)
Traffic congestion in cellular networks is a major issue for mobile network operators. Unfortunately it has been proved that today's infrastructures have failed to address this issue efficiently so far, a fact that was dramatically demonstrated during critical situations, e.g. earthquakes, new year's eve, public events, etc. Mobile network operators(More)
Congestion management in cellular networks is of prime importance for the mobile network operators of present and future generations. Nowadays cellular operators utilize improved planning techniques for enhanced capacity management, but on the other hand the number of mobile subscribers rapidly increases and additionally, new data-technologies for wireless(More)
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