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Kidney size was studied ultrasonographically in 101 normal fetuses. A ratio of average kidney diameter to biparietal diameter was established and found to be constant across gestation. Three fetuses with known urinary tract pathology were then studied and were found to have ratios significantly different from normal ones.
We report the effect of prophylactic administration of an antioxidant on the incidence and severity of both the acute and chronic phases of ROP, as well as the influence of E on the time course of the disease. These data were collected during a double-masked clinical trial of the use of vitamin E at 5 mg/dl as prophylaxis for retinopathy ofprematurity (ROP)(More)
A man who previously had several episodes of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage from erosive gastritis developed recurrent hemorrhage. Endoscopy showed punctate hemorrhages in the fundus and body of the stomach, plus a discrete area of thickened folds in the anterior wall. Biopsies revealed a dense mucosal infiltrate that included cytomegaloviral inclusions.(More)
An influx of Indochinese refugees into the Philadelphia area prompted a review of their reproductive performance as related to parasitic diseases and other infectious complications. A total of 100 infants were delivered of 97 women over an 18-month period (41 Vietnamese, 28 Laotian, 26 Cambodian, 2 Thai). Intestinal parasites were present in 65% of the(More)
Focus in this discussion is on a "so-called" poststerilization syndrome as a result of laparoscopically performed sterilization. The study reported compared asymptomatic patients sterilized with a bipolar electrosurgical or Falope Ring laparoscopic technique with women having a hysterectomy and with controls. 4 groups of women were studied: patients(More)
Prospective pregnancy evaluation through the combined use of a radioimmunoassay (RIA) for the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG) and ultrasound during the first 42 days of gestation after ovulation was performed on a population asymptomatic for first-trimester spontaneous abortion. One hundred forty-six ultrasonic observations in 98(More)
The Ericsson albumin filtration technique was used to collect a fraction rich in Y sperm for selective insemination in couples desiring a male infant. Of 35 conceptions in which sex was known at delivery or spontaneous abortion, there were 28 males (80%). Twelve pregnancies were achieved after separation of sperm in a Sephadex gel filtration system designed(More)
Few studies have verified the validity of behavioral and physiological methods of pain assessment in cattle. This prospective, blinded, randomized controlled experimental study aimed to validate different methods of pain assessment during acute and chronic (up to 21 d postintervention) conditions in dairy cattle, in response to 3 analgesic treatments for(More)
The cervical cap was used in artificial insemination (husband) in the home by 63 couples. An overall pregnancy rate of 19% occurred regardless of the duration of use, and a rate of 44% was associated with use for at least six months or until pregnancy occurred. Comparison of pregnancy rates between those in the program and those who dropped out and(More)
The contraction stress test (CST) is used widely as a measure of fetoplacental respiratory reserve. With contractions traditionally induced by intravenous oxytocin, the test has been limited in its use by time, expense and patient discomfort. In a prospective evaluation of the effectiveness of nipple stimulation for the production of uterine contractions, a(More)