Charbel G. Rizk

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UNLABELLED Halofantrine has been shown to be very effective against multiple drug resistant falciparum malaria. It is usually administered in children at 24 mg/kg at six-hour intervals for three doses, and a second therapeutic course one week following the initial treatment is recommended. It is usually well tolerated. However, prolongation of the QT(More)
We present a bio-inspired readout integrated circuit (ROIC) for visible and infrared image sensors. At the system level, the architecture relies on an event based readout scheme where only pixels within a programmable range of photon flux rates are output. At the pixel level, a one bit oversampled analogto-digital converter together with a decimator allows(More)
UNLABELLED The age of discovery and initial symptoms of cow milk allergy can vary. Lactic acidosis is exceptionally associated to this allergy. CASE REPORT A 32-day-old girl was admitted for a severe malaise with metabolic acidosis and hyperlactacidemia. There were no neonatal or family problems; breastfeeding was stopped on the 25th day. Fever was noted(More)
Eyes are specialized sensory structures that extract information from the intensity, polarization, and spectral content of the light. Reliable and timely answers to the questions Is there anything out there?, Where is it?, and eventually, What is it? are the goals of all processing that follows the pho-toreceptor mosaics. This is in contrast to(More)
We analyze the traditional analog ROIC architecture and an oversampled &#x03A3; - &#x0394; modulator/decimator architecture. We show how the latter has superior characteristics i.e. an improved maximum signal to noise ratio (SNR<inf>MAX</inf>). This is a result of effectively increasing the well capacity by a factor equal to the oversampling ratio (OSR). We(More)
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