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The use of automated biometrics-based personal identification systems is an omnipresent procedure. Many technologies are no more secure, and they have certain limitations such as in cases when bodies are decomposed or burned. Dental enamel is one of the most mineralized tissues of an organism that have a post-mortem degradation resistance. In this article(More)
The virtual reality (VR) was found to be a perfect technique that could be used as a training approach, since it shows many advantages despite its weakness. In the VR some major bottlenecks arises namely the proximity queries (PQ) and penetration depth computation. This paper shows a novel algorithm used to solve those problems. Problems of PQ are(More)
In this paper we are presenting a smart system for the detection of license plate details (numerals and letters). The system is decomposed into three phases: cleaning, segmentation, and identification. Arabic and Indian numbers can be detected as well as anomalies in the license plate such as missing numbers or connected numbers.
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