Charanbir Kaur

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An experiment was conducted with the objectives to evaluate the breeding potential of hermaphrodite lines and to suggest suitable breeding approaches following half-diallel mating design for genetic improvement of antioxidant content and activity in ridge gourd [Luffa acutangula (Roxb.) L.] fruits. Twenty-eight genotypes, including seven parental lines and(More)
With a view to develop nutritious ridge gourd variety, a field as well as a laboratory study was conducted to quantify and enumerate the genetic control for antioxidant properties and mineral content in fruits. The hybrids were found to be superior over their parents for various nutritional traits such as ascorbic acid, total carotenoids and total phenolics(More)
The empirical relation (D(*))(alpha) = a exp[S] between the self-diffusion coefficient D(*) and the excess entropy S of a liquid is studied here in the context of theoretical model calculation. The coefficient alpha is dependent on the interaction potential and shows a crossover at an intermediate density, where cooperative dynamics become more important.(More)
The heterogeneous features of the supercooled state over different time regimes are explored in a self-consistent mode-coupling mode. The exponent a for the mean-square displacement <r(2)(t)> approximately t(a), of a tagged particle is computed. The non-Gaussian parameter alpha(2)(t) shows a peak in the short time regime in addition to a second peak over(More)
A metastable state, characterized by a low degree of mass localization, is identified using density-functional theory (DFT). This free energy minimum, located through the proper evaluation of competing terms in the free energy functional, is independent of the specific form of the DFT used. Computer simulation results on particle motion indicate that this(More)
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