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Endotoxin is a major cause of endotoxinemia, sepsis, and pneumonia due to gram-negative bacteria. Experimental endotoxin administration via the tracheal route has been extensively used to study the biological and pathophysiologic pathways of inflammation. In particular, experimental endotoxin instillation in the respiratory tree has allowed an extended(More)
Mediastinal abscess is a rare presentation of infections involving the mediastinum. In rare cases, the origin of the infection cannot be identified. We report a case of a 32-year old male who was presented with a mediastinal abscess with an otherwise clear history. The origin of the infection could not be identified despite extensive investigations. The(More)
OBJECTIVES The pleural membrane of the lower pleural cavity has a greater ability to recycle fluid than the pleural membrane of the upper pleural cavity. During lobectomy, the visceral pleura is removed with the lobe, whereas the parietal pleura is traumatized during manipulation. This study investigates variations of the drainage according to the type of(More)
The post-pneumonectomy syndrome is a rare complication consisting of rotation and herniation of the mediastinal structures, the remaining lung and the respective bronchi, into the contralateral hemithorax. This situation may produce symptomatic airway obstruction and varies in its presentation and severity. We describe one case of right and one of left(More)
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