Charalambos Papageorgiou

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BACKGROUND Anxiety is a complex feeling of uneasiness, fear and worry, which has been associated with pulmonary, cardiovascular and other adverse health conditions. The aim of this work is to examine the association of the anxious state with inflammation and coagulation factors, in persons free of cardiovascular disease. METHODS From May 2001 to December(More)
Executive function deficits in depression implicate involvement of frontal–striatal circuits. However, studies of hypothalamic–pituitary-axis (HPA) function suggest that stress-related brain changes of hippocampus may also implicate prefrontal–hippocampal circuits, which may explain the profile of both executive dysfunction and memory deficits. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE Time perception deficiency has been implicated in schizophrenia; however the exact nature of this remains unclear. The present study was designed with the aim to delineate timing deficits in schizophrenia by examining performance of patients with schizophrenia and healthy volunteers in an interval discrimination test and their accuracy and(More)
BACKGROUND Depression is associated with an increase in cardiovascular disease, but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood. The aim of this study was to examine the associations of depressive symptoms with inflammation and coagulation factors related to cardiovascular risk in persons free of cardiovascular disease. METHODS A random algorithm(More)
The present study introduces the concept of spectral power coherence (SPC), which reflects the pattern of coordination of the four basic EEG bands (delta, theta, alpha, and beta) at a specific location of the brain. The SPC was calculated for the pre-stimulus EEG signal during an auditory memory task under different electromagnetic field (EMF) conditions(More)
The effect of anxiety on dietary intake of humans has been investigated through a number of laboratory, clinical and cross-sectional studies; no prior study, however, has examined potential associations between anxiety and overall dietary patterns. Aim of the present work was to describe dietary patterns in relation to anxiety trait in a nationally(More)
The emergence or exacerbation of obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms during treatment with atypical antipsychotics, mostly clozapine, has been documented by numerous case reports (reviewed by Lykouras et al., 2003). In six recent reports involving nine cases, (Jonkers and de Haan, 2002; Lykouras et al., 2003) olanzapine was found either to cause de novo(More)
Background: Recently it has been shown that the second-pass parsing process of information processing, as indexed by the P600 component of event-related potentials (ERPs), elicited during a working memory (WM) test, is impaired in first episode schizophrenic (FES) patients. Objective: The purpose of this study is to develop a decision support system – based(More)
Recent research recognizes the association between handedness, linguistic processes and cerebral networks subserving executive functioning, but the nature of this association remains unclear. Since the P50 event related potential (ERP) is considered to reflect thalamocortical processes in association with working memory (WM) operation the present study(More)
23 Greek pregnant women with type 1 diabetes had a higher mean score on the Maudsley Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy than 13 women with gestational diabetes. Long-term changes in the lifestyle of the former may apparently lead to this higher mean. For those with gestational diabetes, higher scores of(More)