Charalambos Georgiadis

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In this paper we extend our previous work on shape-based queries to support queries on configurations of image objects. Here we consider spatial reasoning, especially directional and metric object relationships. Existing models for spatial reasoning tend to rely on pre-identified cardinal directions and minimal scale variations, assumption that cannot be(More)
Deformation monitoring of slope instability and its surroundings supplies important information on the behavior of the slope in that it evaluates whether potential collapse may occur. Monitoring results may also be used in verifying design geotechnical parameters of slopes such as in mines and aid in the calculation of soil mass volume. The development of(More)
In this paper we study the retrieval performance of disk storage devices. In general, the fundamental modeling characteristics of disk device technologies are their magnetic/optical nature , the angular and linear velocities, their storage capacities and their transfer rates. Current disk technologies diier in terms of these characteristics. Angular and(More)
Background Scoliosis patients typically undergo numerous spinal radiographs and exposed to relatively high doses of ionizing radiation. This has raised concern regarding the effects of this repeated exposure. Additionally assessment of spinal deformities using surface topography of the back is currently considered essential. Digital Photogrammetry can(More)
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