Chapmann C. L. Lai

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Automated analysis of the sentiments presented in online consumer feedbacks can facilitate both organizations' business strategy development and individual consumers' comparison shopping. Nevertheless, existing opinion mining methods either adopt a context-free sentiment classification approach or rely on a large number of manually annotated training(More)
Granulation de l'information pour la conception d'un système granulaire d'extraction d'information. Abstract With the explosive growth of the amount of information stored on computer networks such as the Internet, it is increasingly more difficult for information seekers to retrieve relevant information. Traditional document ranking functions employed by(More)
Despite many incidents about fake online consumer reviews have been reported, very few studies have been conducted to date to examine the trustworthiness of online consumer reviews. One of the reasons is the lack of an effective computational method to separate the untruthful reviews (i.e., spam) from the legitimate ones (i.e., ham) given the fact that(More)
Automatic domain ontology extraction for context-sensitive opinion mining. Notice: Changes introduced as a result of publishing processes such as copy-editing and formatting may not be reflected in this document. For a definitive version of this work, please refer to the published source: Abstract Automated analysis of the sentiments presented in online(More)
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