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Wehr, J.D., Kelly, M.G. and Whitton, B.A., 1987. Factors affecting accumulation and loss of zinc by the aquatic moss Rhynchostegium riparioides (Hedw.) C. Jens. Aquat. Bot., 29: 261-274. Reciprocal transplants of the moss Rhynchostegium riparioides (Hedw.) C. Jens. between populations from stre~ma with high (0.27 mg 1 ~) and low (0.05 mg 1~) concentrations(More)
Spinal fusion is a hot topic. All one has to do is look at recent headlines (December 2010/ January 2011) from the online versions of The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and others to get a summary of the " media-evidence " on the effectiveness of spinal fusion and the problems associated with it [1–4]: • Media-evidence(More)
Fabrication of a macro segmented flow analysis (MSFA) system based on reconfiguration of the manifold by adjustment of the sample/reagent ratio, has been found to produce a sensitive method for orthophosphate analysis based on colorimetric detection at 880nm. Optimization of sample tube length, reaction temperature and molybdate concentration in the carrier(More)
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