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Purpose We studied an academic science work environment that has been conducive to the advancement of women faculty and students to identify elements that have facilitated high quality science and gender inclusion. Methods We conducted this study using several qualitative methods including document & archival research, direct observation, and 29 interviews(More)
Linear, potato spindle tuber viroid RNA has been used as a substrate for an RNA ligase purified from wheat germ. Linear viroid molecules are efficiently converted to circular molecules (circles) which are indistinguishable by electrophoretic mobility and two-dimensional oligonucleotide pattern from viroid circles extracted from infected plants. In light of(More)
A careful physical and laboratory evaluation of 144 chronic psychiatric outpatients revealed medical illnesses in 26%. Chart review indicated that 13% of the patients had illnesses that were previously undetected and that 13% of the patients received some form of new treatment because of the evaluation. The majority of the illnesses did not appear to have(More)
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