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Japanese encephalitis was recently reported from individuals in the mountain districts of Nepal without travel history to Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) endemic areas. We performed a cross-sectional study to estimate the seroprevalence of JEV in pigs and subsequently conducted a survey of farmers to identify risk factors associated with seropositivity.(More)
When it comes to nanoscale devices, graphene continues to demonstrate its great potential as an ideal material for various nanostructures. This is in part due to graphene’s physical and electrical properties, which include high electrical conductivity, sensitivity, and flexibility. As such, graphene proves to be useful for developing highly-sensitive(More)
BACKGROUND Research suggesting that people with intellectual disabilities (ID) have difficulties in recognising emotions provides a rationale for studying alexithymia in this population. A number of studies have found a relationship between alexithymia and challenging behaviours in various populations and this study aims to discover if this is the case for(More)
We have previously discussed the transmission and coupling losses of a Gaussian beam in a folded waveguide structure made of two hollow square waveguides placed symmetrically above a spherical mirror with a nonzero on-axis angle between. Here we investigate the additional loss due to the misalignment of the mirror (axial displacement and/or angular tilt).(More)
Waveguide gas lasers (CO(2) ones especially) continue to be widely used. We have previously studied simple resonator designs with plane mirrors close to each end of the waveguide. Here we examine theoretical predictions concerning hybrid waveguide/free-space resonators with square-bore guides and curved mirrors. We show how resonator mode losses vary as(More)
From the seminal work of Modigliani and Miller (1958) we know that in perfect capital markets the value of a firm is not affected by its choice of financial structure. This implies that the design of the contractual features of the specific securities which the firm issues to raise capital is irrelevant. More generally, it also implies that the identity of(More)
The clinical history of the case, for which I am indebted to Drs. 1899, the child's father noticed a small tumor, about the size of an acorn, situated in the middle line half way between the anus and scrotum. The tumor was subcutaneous, and neither painful nor tender. In October, 1900, it began to increase in size quite rapidly, as the result, the father(More)
!he incidence matrix If of points and d-flats in PG(t, q) is a (O,l)-matrix which may be considered a _trAx with entries from the field GF (q) , where q is a prime power, q'" p. Let r d (t, 9.) denote thr rank of If over (JF (q). In this paper, & fonml.a for r t 1 (t, q) and an upper bound for r (t,q), 1 S d S t-l, are given. In the case q =p, the 'bound on(More)