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Due to the emergence of grid computing, which has linked up all the various resources widely distributed (eg: computing resources, storage resources, software resources, information resources, etc.) through the Internet, grid scheduling has become a new focus on grid research. However, a suitable and efficient scheduling algorithm is also badly needed(More)
In the 21st century, product design becomes more rapid, modular and knowledge-based. Oriented to these characteristics, design guide management system is established based on Workflow Management System in this paper, and it provides enterprises with an effective method for knowledge accumulation and reuse in design processes. With analysis on features in(More)
Due to the rapid evolution of grid computing, which deals with the effective utilization of the globally distributed computer resources to solve massive problems, grid scheduling is the major focus. Efficient scheduling algorithms are the need of the hour to achieve efficient utilization of the unused CPU cycles distributed geographically in various(More)
With the diversification of customer needs and the widely use of 3D CAD systems, in order to make the 3D CAD system truly become the best carrier of professional technologies and realize the accumulation and reuse of enterprise design knowledge and design process, a design knowledge management method based on 3D CAD system is presented. In this method, a(More)
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