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An energy management strategy (EMS) considering both optimality and real-time performance has become a challenge for the development of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) in recent years. Previous EMSes based on the optimal control theory minimize the fuel consumption, but cannot be directly implemented in real-time because of the requirement for a prior(More)
As a vital part of the battery employed systems, battery management system (BMS) must correctly estimate values descriptive of the battery's present operating condition [1]. Without a doubt, state of charge (SOC) is a key battery state for BMS to estimate. This paper carefully analyzes the operating performance of VRLA battery through a large number of(More)
According to the characteristics of unstable vibration signals, this paper proposes a combined approach to detect engine crank bearing mechanical faults by using cyclostationarity and support vector machine theory. The unstable vibration signals of engine accelerating process are analyzed by cyclostationarity theory. The fault diagnostic rules are generated(More)
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