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In this article, we propose AdaptMetric Communication (<i>AdapComm</i>), an end-to-end bandwidth estimation and allocation methodology putting emphasis on Quality of Experience at the user side. <i>AdapComm</i> dynamically samples the connection by sending dummy probing-TCP packets and derives the bandwidth online. This information is then sent to the(More)
Improving TCP performance over Wireless network is critical to enhancing the Quality of Service of mobile users. However, most conventional approaches can neither discover the hidden drawbacks, nor provide both fast and accurate mechanisms to adapt to unique Wireless TCP specifications, thus cannot guarantee desirable performance. In this article, we(More)
Path planning is a critical task for search and rescue mission in Mobile Ad-hoc Rescue Network in natural or unnatural catastrophes. However, most existing path planning schemes fail to cope with the challenges in post-disaster map environment due to its increased complexity and uncertainty. To address these issues, we propose a Hierarchical Random Walk(More)
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