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In this paper, a fractional-order multi-wing chaotic attractors evolved from Lü system is proposed. Based on the theory of fractional calculus, fractional-order multi-wing chaotic attractors are simulated, and its dynamical characteristics are also given. Numerical simulation reveals that multi-wing chaotic attractors can be generated in Lü(More)
In this paper, based on LaSalle's invariance principle and linear matrix inequality (LMI), two novel synchronization criteria for the unified chaotic systems with known or unknown parameters are investigated. In comparison with previous methods, the presented controller contains single state feedback. To our knowledge, the above control scheme is the(More)
This paper initiates a novel approach for generating multi-wing butterfly chaotic attractors from the piecewise-linear Chen system by constructing a duality-symmetric multi-piecewise linear function. It should be pointed out that this proposed method is different from the traditional techniques. Furthermore, its dynamical behaviors are then further(More)
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