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This article has been accepted for publication in a future issue of this journal, but has not been fully edited. Content may change prior to final publication. Abstract—This paper investigates the physical-layer security of a multiuser peer-to-peer (MUP2P) relay network for amplify-and-forward (AF) protocol, where a secure user and other unclassified users(More)
—In this paper, we investigate the secrecy performance of matched-filter (MF) and zero-forcing (ZF) precoding in a multiuser massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system with a multi-antenna passive eavesdropper. For the two precoding schemes, we find that the equivalent wiretap channels are similar and thus the eavesdropper achieves the approximate(More)
Owing to its closed-form and ambiguity-resolving capability, the Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT) has been applied recently into the Radio Interferometric Positioning System (RIPS) to get a robust range estimation. Although the existing robust CRT based ranging algorithms can resist the remainder errors to an acceptable level, they merely take advantage of(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel scheme to enhance the security of a single source-destination cooperative network with multiple helpers and one eavesdropper, where a helper operates as a jammer and the others use amplify-and-forward (AF) protocol to deliver a weighted version of the received signal. Since the instantaneous channel state information (CSI)(More)
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