Chaowei Xiao

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In many applications, we have to identify an object and then locate the object to within high precision (centimeter- or millimeter-level). Legacy systems that can provide such accuracy are either expensive or suffering from performance degradation resulting from various impacts, <i>e.g.</i>, occlusion for computer vision based approaches. In this work, we(More)
The proliferation of mobile computing has prompted WiFi-based indoor localization to be one of the most attractive and promising techniques for ubiquitous applications. A primary concern for these technologies to be fully practical is to combat harsh indoor environmental dynamics, especially for long-term deployment. Despite numerous research on WiFi(More)
In this paper we study the implications of end-user behavior in applying software updates and patches on information-security vulnerabilities. To this end we tap into a large data set of measurements conducted on more than 400,000 Windows machines over four client-side applications, and separate out the impact of user and vendor behavior on the(More)
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