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Remote manufacturing allows companies to dynamically establish manufacturing alliances by exploiting advantages of enabling information technologies. Product data management and information integration are two of the most important issues for success of remote manufacturing. In this paper, we studied the two issues by taking a case of a remote manufacturing(More)
It has been proven that the distributed manufacturing system, if managed properly, can enable enterprises to reduce manufacturing costs, increase product quality and make better use of manufacturing resources. However, the dynamic scheduling in distributed manufacturing environments can be much more complex than that in the single integrated enterprise(More)
A hybrid strategy base on ant colony and taboo search algorithms is proposed for fuzzy job shop scheduling purpose, which uses the ant colony algorithm as a global search algorithm, and adopt taboo search algorithms as a local search algorithm. TS algorithms have stronger ability of the local search, which can overcome the disadvantages of ant colony(More)
This paper has built a product model by UML and corresponding Product Schema. Then we have illuminated transmit mechanism of the product information by a dumbbell XML document. At last, we have pointed out the direction of the research. This research will provide a significative explore to the product data interchange between the members of virtual(More)