Chaoqun Zhang

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Through billions of years of evolution and natural selection, biological systems have developed strategies to achieve advantageous unification between structure and bulk properties. The discovery of these fascinating properties and phenomena has triggered increasing interest in identifying characteristics of biological materials, through modern(More)
The field medical station in military hospital plays an important role in the military logistic system. To better accomplish the duty of medical support mission, the problems of medical equipment and material store house management in the field medical station are discussed. Some targeted suggestions are introduced from daily management and the use of(More)
Based on the practice of workflow, information management system about medical equipment was developed and its functions such as gathering, browsing, inquiring and counting were introduced. With dynamic and complete case management of medical equipment, the system improved the management of medical equipment.
This paper proposes a method to estimate the unknown angular location of a bi-static multiple input multiple output (MIMO) radar target in the low angle scenario. The multipath model is formulated, in which the specular reflection is treated as an image target and the diffuse reflection is taken as spatial correlated stationary Gaussian noise. Based on this(More)
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