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Forest wildfire is one of main natural disasters in USA. The orthoimage has been serving as a base map for wildfire experts to add, register and compile other geospatial data, to quickly derive high-precision 3-D geolocations of objects, and to measure the geometry of wildfires (e.g., wildfire scopes, disaster areas), tree parameters (e.g., crown diameters,(More)
This paper is to explore some visualization methods by using these supplementary graphs for the design of geo-dynamics according to Spatio-Temporal (S-T) data characteristics and task types, with a capability of quickly selecting and constructing an appropriate tool or method that can improve understanding for S-T data to demonstrate the characteristics of(More)
Based on a sixteen-day constrained view angle maximum value composite (CV-MVC) MODIS vegetation index time-series data from 2001 to 2012, we use dynamic threshold method to extract the spatial patterns of terrestrial vegetation phenology in Danjiangkou reservoir. After analysis the pattern of three phenology metrics (start of growth season, end of growth(More)
Automatic extraction of power lines using airborne LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data has been one of the most important topics for electric power management. However, this is very challenging over complex urban areas, where power lines are in close proximity to buildings and trees. In this paper, we presented a new, semi-automated and versatile(More)
This paper discussed theory and methodologies of debris-flow risk assessment and established an implementation process according to indicators of debris-flow hazard degree, vulnerability, risk degree, etc. Among these methodologies, historical and potential hazard degree was comprehensively considered into hazard assessment and hazard index was presented to(More)
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