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Risk assessment of information security is an important assessment method in the process of detecting potential threats and vulnerabilities. Select methods of risk assessment based on the requirements and the security level of organizational or enterprise information system. The general assessment methods simply calculate the risk value, In this paper, we(More)
Zero watermark is a new research direction of the digital watermark technique. It availably solves the antinomy between robustness and imperceptibility, and protects the copyright of image better. On the basis of the attacks the application of digital watermark is facing and the existence of security risks of DHWM Protocol, in this paper we put forward a(More)
  • Chaoju Hu, Na Xu
  • 2008
This paper introduces definitions and constructions of public key infrastructure, certification authority and XTR public key system, describes the principle of digital signature of XTR-Nyberg-Rueppel signatures, and then designs a certificate authority system by using this kind of signature in order to save the time and space both in communication and(More)
Mining association rules with multiple minimum supports is an important research aspect of data mining. In this paper we propose a database partition method to mine the frequent item sets, and use MIS-tree to store the crucial information about frequent patterns. We use the CFP-growth algorithm to mine local frequent patterns and insert them into the global(More)
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