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Nanowires and nanotubes have been the focus of considerable efforts in energy storage and solar energy conversion because of their unique properties. However, owing to the limitations of synthetic methods, most inorganic nanotubes, especially for multi-element oxides and binary-metal oxides, have been rarely fabricated. Here we design a gradient(More)
Layered intercalation compounds Na x MnO 2 (x 5 0.7 and 0.91) nanoflakes have been prepared directly through wet electrochemical process with Na 1 ions intercalated into MnO 2 interlayers spontaneously. The as-prepared Na x MnO 2 nanoflake based supercapacitors exhibit faster ionic diffusion with enhanced redox peaks, tenfold-higher energy densities up to(More)
Graphene oxide-wrapped amorphous copper vanadium oxide is fabricated through a template-engaged redox reaction followed by vacuum dehydration. This material exhibits high reversible capacity, excellent rate capability, and out standing high-rate cyclability. The outstanding performance is attributed to the fast capacitive charge storage and the in situ(More)
Articles you may be interested in An arbitrary strains carbon nanotube composite piezoresistivity model for finite element integration Appl. Young's modulus measurement of two-photon polymerized micro-cantilevers by using nanoindentation equipment J. Effect of filament aspect ratio on the dielectric response of multiwalled carbon nanotube composites(More)
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