Chaojiang Li

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This paper presents a highly reconfigurable, low-power, and compact directional coupler. The coupler uses varactors and novel active inductors to achieve wide tuning ranges of operating frequencies and coupling coefficients. The use of a low-pass circuit architecture with only two inductors minimizes chip area, power consumption, and noise. The coupler is(More)
In this paper, we introduce an isolated RF LDMOS NFET is for RF Power Amplifier (PA) and power management applications. The RF LDMOS NFET has demonstrated a drain-source turn-on resistance (R<sub>ds,on</sub>) of 1.45ohm-mm, a cutoff frequency (Ft) greater than 40GHz and a drain-source breakdown down voltage (BV) in excess of 9V. For PA designs, the(More)
In this paper, we discuss a DC-20GHz single-pole double-throw (SPDT) transmit/receive switch (T/R switch) design in 45nm SOI process. This circuit is dedicated to fully integrated CMOS RF front end modules for X/Ku band satellite communication applications. The switch exhibits a measured insertion loss of 0.59dB, return loss of 23dB, and isolation of 17dB(More)
In this paper, we first analyze an LNA core, cascode structure cut off frequency and power gain relationship with device parameters. Then we discuss the LNA design differences between FET LNA and SiGe LNA during design optimization. SOI floating body FETs have advantages in higher Ft in the optimized current biased region and can offer more design(More)
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