Chaohui Lü

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An efficient measuring method for live plant leaf area was proposed based on image processing technique. Image geometric distortions were corrected firstly using mapping function. For this, Hough transformation was exploited to acquire the coordinates of quadrangle corner points in distorted image. Then, image segmentation was performed using threshold(More)
In order to correct color differences between different views, a color correction method based on Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) and Generalized Regression Neural Network (GRNN) is proposed. Image features of the target image and source image are firstly extracted by SIFT algorithm. The value of these corresponding image points is used to(More)
Stereoscopic video object segmentation plays an important role in stereo vision analysis and application. In this paper, a new method for disparity image segmentation derived from the extended mean shift theorem was proposed. Disparity estimation based on adaptive support weight approach was firstly introduced to get reliable depth information. Then an(More)
Virtual view synthesis is an important technique for multi-view 3D display. This makes that multi-view images for 3D display can be created by only two-view images. An efficient virtual view synthesis method was proposed based on disparity map and image interpolation. An adaptive weight stereo matching approach was adopted to obtain the initial disparity(More)
Stage intelligent light can make outstanding light effects, and is very important intelligent lamp of modern stage and theater. In order to solve problems of the traditional 51 single chip, ARM processor with transplanted embedded Linux is used for control core of intelligent light. The stepper motor drive system of intelligent light is studied. The(More)
3D video has been widely studied in recent years from a technical point of view, but the related quality assessment does not follow this enthusiasm. The aim of the paper is to explore the impact of 2D image quality on perceived stereo depth sense. Original left and right images are impaired by additive salt and pepper noise with different noise density.(More)
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