Chaohua Gong

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Wikis' simplicity and flexible nature have begun drawing the attention of teachers and educators, who realize that Wikis facilitate collaborative finding, building, and sharing of knowledge. Knowledge management can enable schools to evolve from bureaucracies forged during an industrial era to educational knowledge ecologies that are prepared to compete in(More)
Multi-cell MIMO technique theoretically promises large improvement in spectral efficiency and fairness in cellular networks and is regarded as the key enabling technique for solving the troublesome issue of inter-cell interference. To evaluate its practical performance in the cellular network, we have implemented the real-time downlink multi-cell MIMO trial(More)
Lesson-preparing is an important stage in the teaching activity processes. This paper argues that collaborative lesson-preparing within Eduwiki environment is a new effective approach for teacherspsila collaboration and teaching. Further, the architecture of Eduwiki is effective in monitoring and recording processes of lesson-preparing. The paper also(More)
Lesson-preparing is an important stage in the field of teaching activity. The aim of this paper was to explore the use of Eduwiki as a new effective collaborative lesson-preparing platform to support teachers' collaboration and teaching. Further, to verify and explore how to integrate Eduwiki into teachers' daily lesson-preparing activities, a single-group(More)
Eduwiki is a version of Wiki integrated educational special needs aims to support collaborative lesson-preparing. The paper described the workflow and function of developing Eduwiki. The framework of Eduwiki and its applications were demonstrated in details, focusing on collaborative authoring, history-version comparing, Tag, modification reasons and other(More)