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The Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF) is the first third-generation synchrotron facility in China and operated at an electron energy of 3.5 GeV. One of the seven beamlines in the first construction phase is devoted to soft x-ray spectromicroscopy and is equipped with an elliptically polarized undulator light source, a plane grating(More)
A new monochromator scheme is presented in which an extra-focus constant-included-angle varied-line-spacing cylindrical-grating monochromator (extra-focus CIA-VCGM) is conveniently combined with a variable-included-angle varied-line-spacing plane-grating monochromator (VIA-VPGM). This dual-mode solution delivers high performance in the energy range from(More)
The single-exposure patterned area is about several 10(2) × 10(2) μm(2) which is mainly decided by the mask area in multi-beam X-ray interference lithography (XIL). The exposure area is difficult to stitch to a larger one because the patterned area is surrounded by 0th diffraction exposure areas. To block the 0th diffraction beams precisely and effectively,(More)
A new monochromator called an extra-focus constant-included-angle varied-line-spacing (VLS) cylindrical-grating monochromator (extra-focus CIA-VCGM) is described. This monochromator is based on the Hettrick-Underwood scheme where the plane VLS grating is replaced by a cylindrical one in order to zero the defocus at three reference photon energies in the(More)
Thin-film luminescent layers as wavelength shifters using in the scintillation detection system suffer with low efficiency due to the total internal reflection and the non-directional emission. In the present work, we design and fabricate a photonic crystal on the surface of LuTaO(4):Eu(3+) thin-film which is a newly developed luminescent material using in(More)
A new model for numerical analysis of partially coherent x-ray at synchrotron beamlines is presented. The model is based on statistical optics. Four-dimensional coherence function, Mutual Optical Intensity (MOI), is applied to describe the wavefront of the partially coherent light. The propagation of MOI through optical elements in the beamline is deduced(More)
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