Chaochao Wang

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In order to overcome the imperfection and insufficiency of the conventional fault diagnosis based on fuzzy logic, the concept of relative inferiority degree is introduced to represent the conversion degree from the actual state to failure state. Using the relative inferiority degree as an input to build the membership function of the fuzzy logic, an(More)
According to the complexity of the semiconductor manufacturing processes, a RBF neural network improved by GA is put forward to apply in the semiconductor production modeling and predict the line performance indexes. The improved RBF algorithm can play better role in dealing with the dynamic real-time data from the line, building predictive models to(More)
Following the idea of using distributed semantic representations to facilitate the computation of semantic similarity between translation equivalents, we propose a novel framework to learn bilingual distributed phrase representations for machine translation. We first induce vector representations for words in the source and target language respectively, in(More)
<lb>Patent claim sentences, despite their legal importance in patent documents, still pose difficul-<lb>ties for state-of-the-art statistical machine translation (SMT) systems owing to their extreme<lb>lengths and their special sentence structure. This paper describes a method for improving the<lb>translation quality of claim sentences, by taking into(More)
Next generation high anti-jam GPS receivers will take advantage of Ultra-Tightly-Coupled (UTC) GPS/inertial signal processing to improve their anti-jam robustness. UTC signal processing uses the inertial observations to aid the GPS receiver correlation channels and extend the period over which the coherent correlator outputs can be accumulated. For UTC(More)
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