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Electrospun cellulose acetate phthalate fibers for semen induced anti-HIV vaginal drug delivery.
Despite many advances in modern medicine, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) still affects the health of millions of people world-wide and much effort is put in developing methods to either preventExpand
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Development of a method for the measurement of primary cilia length in 3D
BackgroundPrimary cilia length is an important measure of cell and tissue function. While accurate length measurements can be calculated from cells in 2D culture, measurements in tissue or 3D cultureExpand
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Stimuli-responsive electrospun fibers and their applications.
Stimuli-responsive electrospun nanofibers are gaining considerable attention as highly versatile tools which offer great potential in the biomedical field. In this critical review, an overview isExpand
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Unbreakable codes in electrospun fibers: digitally encoded polymers to stop medicine counterfeiting.
Fluorescent polymer solutions can easily be electrospun into micrometer-sized fibers and subsequently encoded with long lasting digital codes by a photobleaching process. Such encoded fibers may findExpand
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Unbreakable codes in electrospun fibers to stop medicine counterfeiting.
Health organizations claim that there should be 'zero tolerance' for counterfeit medicines, yet the problem is growing worldwide [1-3]. This report proposes one viable solution: digitally encodeExpand
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