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Opaque2 (O2) is a transcription factor that plays important roles during maize endosperm development. Mutation of the O2 gene improves the nutritional value of maize seeds but also confers pleiotropic effects that result in reduced agronomic quality. To reveal the transcriptional regulatory framework of O2, we studied the transcriptome of o2 mutants using(More)
BACKGROUND CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing strategy has been applied to a variety of species and the tRNA-processing system has been used to compact multiple gRNAs into one synthetic gene for manipulating multiple genes in rice. RESULTS We optimized and introduced the multiplex gene editing strategy based on the tRNA-processing system into maize. Maize(More)
It is a challenge to design a haptic d workspace, high stiffness while maintain a goo In this paper, we present a large-scale hap BH1500, which is based on a cable-driven p and can achieve 6 dimensional force feedback tension of eight cables. The components and w the device is presented, followed by the analysi kinematic models. Moreover, a method of fric(More)
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