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Bot nicknames within one IRC-based botnet must have uniform structure, because they are generated by the same bot fixedly. In this paper, the similarity of nicknames in the same channel is defined by the term ‘channel distance’. And a novel algorithm based on channel distance is proposed to detect IRC-based botnets. The most significant(More)
The aim of our study was to compare the clinical characteristics of fetal and neonatal outcomes in twin pregnancies between women with preeclampsia (PE) and those with normotension in a Chinese population.There were 143 preeclamptic women and 367 normotensive women with twin pregnancies included in this retrospective case-control study. The baseline(More)
The popularization of internet brought new opportunity to the development of agriculture informatization and put forward new requirements to the collection technology of agriculture information and its equipment. Considering the problems remained in current agriculture information collection technology and pattern, in order to obtain a more accurate and(More)
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