Chao-yang Meng

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After insemination, a large number of leukocytes migrate into the uterus, which is accompanied by intense inflammation. However, the details of how seminal plasma interacts with the uterus are still not very clear. Here, we present that neutrophils migrate and accumulate around the uterine epithelium following insemination, which is accompanied by an(More)
Dendritic cells (DCs), which can shape their functions depending on the microenvironment, are crucial for the delicate balance of immunity and tolerance during pregnancy. However, the mechanism underlying the microenvironment-educated plasticity of DC differentiation during pregnancy remains largely unclear. Here, we found that the differentiation of(More)
We have previously shown that interferon gamma (IFN-γ) induces aberrant CD49b(+) natural killer (NK) cell recruitment by regulating CX3CL1 and eventually provokes foetal loss. In this study, we show that IFN-γ also modulates Ly-49 receptors on NK cells during pregnancy failure. The percentages of Ly-49A(+) and Ly-49G2(+) NK cells in the uteri of the(More)
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