Chao-jan Chen

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This paper aims to present the methodology and guidelines for annotation in CKIP Chinese Treebank. Under the framework of the Information-based Case grammar (ICG), a lexical feature-based grammar formalism, which stipulates each lexical item containing both syntactic and semantic information, the potential phrasal heads of input are located and the semantic(More)
The paper describes a similarity-based model to present the morphological rules for Chinese compound nouns. This representation model serves functions of 1) as the morphological rules of the compounds, 2) as a mean to evaluate the properness of a compound construction, and 3) as a mean to disambiguate the semantic ambiguity of the morphological head of a(More)
This paper presents a character-based model of automatic sense determination for Chinese compounds. The model adopts a sense approximation approach using synonymous compounds retrieved by measuring similarity of semantic template in compounding. The similarity measure is derived from an association network among characters and senses, which is built from a(More)
In traditional analysis, the constructions of Chinese V-V compounds are generally categorized, according to the grammatical relation between the component V’s, into three major types: coordination (並列式), modifier-head (偏正式) and verb-complement (述補式). Though the widely accepted categorization criteria seem to be simple and straightforward, linguists could(More)
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