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High-throughput molecular profiling techniques are routinely generating vast amounts of data for translational medicine studies. Secure access controlled systems are needed to manage, store, transfer and distribute these data due to its personally identifiable nature. The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) was created to facilitate access and management(More)
Direct networks are the counterparts of indirect networks like multistage interconnect networks which rooted in the telecommunication and parallel computing. Direct networks are getting more and more promising in latest data center networking research. Torus is one of the most popular direct networks and it is a common practice in supercomputers and some(More)
Demonstration projects on existing rural house energy-saving renovations have been universally carried out around the nation; however, demonstration effect evaluation on the demonstration project has not been carried out. This paper akes Balinzuoqi Wang' anchi Village's existing rural house energy-saving renovation demonstration project as case study to(More)
With the explosion increasing data in Internet, high performance scalable router has become a hot spot research area both in academe and industry recently. The underlying topology is a very important fold for scalable router. In this paper, we propose a new underlying topology of the scalable router, and name it Compressed 3D-Torus (C3D-Torus). It's more(More)
Distributed control scheme is preferred to the multiple-modules-based system because of the simple structure, low maintenance, and high scalability. This paper proposes a hybrid communication topology and a route-switching communication protocol to implement the distributed control applied in the cascaded H-bridge (CHB) multilevel static synchronous(More)
The availability of high-throughput molecular profiling techniques has provided more accurate and informative data for regular clinical studies. Nevertheless, complex computational workflows are required to interpret these data. Over the past years, the data volume has been growing explosively, requiring robust human data management to organise and(More)
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