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Control Flow Integrity (CFI) provides a strong protection against modern control-flow hijacking attacks. However, performance and compatibility issues limit its adoption. We propose a new practical and realistic protection method called CCFIR (Compact Control Flow Integrity and Randomization), which addresses the main barriers to CFI adoption. CCFIR(More)
BitTorrent is the most successful open Internet application for content distribution. Despite its importance, both in terms of its footprint in the Internet and the influence it has on emerging P2P applications, the BitTorrent Ecosystem is only partially understood. We seek to provide a nearly complete picture of the entire public BitTorrent Ecosystem. To(More)
A smoothing projected gradient (SPG) method is proposed for the minimization problem on a closed convex set, where the objective function is locally Lipschitz continuous but nonconvex, nondifferentiable. We show that any accumulation point generated by the SPG method is a stationary point associated with the smoothing function used in the method, which is a(More)
Conventional saliency analysis methods measure the saliency of individual pixels. The resulting saliency map inevitably loses information in the original image and finding salient objects in it is difficult. We propose to detect salient objects by directly measuring the saliency of an image window in the original image and adopt the well established sliding(More)
Recent transcriptome analysis indicates that > 90% of human genes undergo alternative splicing, underscoring the contribution of differential RNA processing to diverse proteomes in higher eukaryotic cells. The polypyrimidine tract-binding protein PTB is a well-characterized splicing repressor, but PTB knockdown causes both exon inclusion and skipping.(More)
UNLABELLED Interaction free energies are crucial for analyzing binding propensities in proteins. Although the problem of computing binding free energies remains open, approximate estimates have become very useful for filtering potential binding complexes. We report on the implementation of a fast computational estimate of the binding free energy based on a(More)
In many video social networks, including YouTube, users are permitted to post video responses to other users' videos. Such a response can be legitimate or can be a <i>video response spam</i>, which is a video response whose content is not related to the topic being discussed. Malicious users may post video response spam for several reasons, including(More)
Recently, context-dependent (CD) deep neural network (DNN) hidden Markov models (HMMs) have been widely used as acoustic models for speech recognition. However, the standard method to build such models requires target training labels from a system using HMMs with Gaussian mixture model output distributions (GMM-HMMs). In this paper, we introduce a method(More)
Clustering of short texts, such as snippets, presents great challenges in existing aggregated search techniques due to the problem of data sparseness and the complex semantics of natural language. As short texts do not provide sufficient term occurring information, traditional text representation methods, such as ``bag of words" model, have several(More)
—Currently, two cooperative transmission strategies, Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) Transmission and wireless relaying, are expected to be deployed in future cellular systems to improve the performance of cell-edge users. Due to the cooperation diversity, these technologies can potentially lead to more energy saving. Therefore in this paper, we analyze(More)