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Three-dimensional electrochemical process for wastewater treatment: A general review
Abstract Three-dimensional (3D) electrochemical process has been recognized as an effective method for wastewater treatment. In comparison to two-dimensional (2D) electrochemical process, theExpand
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Highly sensitive, uniform, and reproducible surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy from hollow Au-Ag alloy nanourchins.
A hierarchical nanoparticle strategy to simultaneously gain super Raman signal amplification, high uniformity, and reproducibility is presented. Using hollow Au-Ag alloy nanourchins, an ultrahighExpand
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Graphene-wrapped polyaniline hollow spheres as novel hybrid electrode materials for supercapacitor applications.
Polyaniline hollow spheres (PANI-HS)@electrochemical reduced graphene oxide (ERGO) hybrids with core-shell structures have been fabricated via a solution-based coassembly process. The hollowExpand
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Electrochemical detection of ractopamine based on a molecularly imprinted poly-o-phenylenediamine/gold nanoparticle–ionic liquid–graphene film modified glass carbon electrode
An electrochemical sensor for sensitive detection of ractopamine (RAC) was fabricated by using molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP) incorporation with graphene (GR), ionic liquid (IL) and goldExpand
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Dynamic power splitting policies for AF relay networks with wireless energy harvesting
We investigate the problem on how the relay node dynamically adjusts the power splitting ratio of information transmission (IT) and energy harvesting (EH) in order to achieve the optimal outage performance. Expand
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A gearbox fault diagnosis method based on frequency-modulated empirical mode decomposition and support vector machine
During the operation process of a gearbox, the vibration signals can reflect the dynamic states of the gearbox. The feature extraction of the vibration signal will directly influence the accuracy andExpand
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CuSO4/H2O2-Induced Rapid Deposition of Polydopamine Coatings with High Uniformity and Enhanced Stability.
Mussel-inspired polydopamine (PDA) deposition offers a promising route to fabricate multifunctional coatings for various materials. However, PDA deposition is generally a time-consuming process, andExpand
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Facile fabrication of functionalized graphene sheets (FGS)/ZnO nanocomposites with photocatalytic property.
Functionalized graphene sheets (FGS)/ZnO nanocomposites were fabricated via thermal treatment method, using graphene oxide as a precursor of graphene, Zn(NH(3))(4)CO(3) as a precursor of zinc oxide,Expand
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Electrogeneration of hydrogen peroxide for electro-Fenton system by oxygen reduction using chemically modified graphite felt cathode
Abstract A simple chemical method using hydrazine hydrate as the main reagent was firstly used to modify graphite felt as cathode for efficient electro-Fenton process. The influences of the differentExpand
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Estrogen upregulates the IGF-1 signaling pathway in lung cancer through estrogen receptor-β
The estrogen receptor (ER) signaling and the insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor (IGF-1R) signaling are implicated in lung cancer progression. Here, we sought to investigate whether estrogenExpand
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