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The 26 sample sites in 7 study plots adjacent to asphalt road and earth road in coastal wetland in the Yellow River Delta were selected to quantify plant diversity using quadrat sampling method in plant bloom phase of July and August 2012. The indice of β T and Jaccard's coefficient were applied to evaluate the species diversity. The results showed that the(More)
BACKGROUND The tidal flat is one of the important components of coastal wetland systems in the Yellow River Delta (YRD). It can stabilize shorelines and protect coastal biodiversity. The erosion risk in tidal flats in coastal wetlands was seldom been studied. Characterizing changes of soil particle size distribution (PSD) is an important way to quantity(More)
A flexible tripodal polyaromatic acid (4,4',4″-(((2,4,6-trimethylbenzene-1,3,5-triyl)-tris(methylene))-tris(oxy))tribenzoic acid, H3TCM) was used to adapt the coordination sites of lanthanide ions for the construction of microporous lanthanide-organic frameworks (LOFs) [LnTCM(H2O)2]·3DMF·H2O (Ln-TCM; Ln = La, Eu, and/or Tb). In these LOFs, the emission band(More)
Photocatalysis is a promising technology for renewable energy production. Many photocatalysis have realized the visible-light-driven catalytic activity. However, it is still difficult to achieve the enhanced photocatalytic activity with tunable wavelength. We have designed tunable wavelength enhanced photoelectrochemical cells by tuning the surface plasmon(More)
The delivery and distribution of nutrients in coastal wetland ecosystems is much related to the land use. The spatial variations of TOC, TN, NH4(+)-N, NO3(-)-N and TP and associated soil salinity with depth in 9 kinds land uses in coastal zone of the modern Yellow River Delta (YRD) was evaluated based on monitoring data in field from 2009 to 2015. The(More)
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