Chao-Yue Hu

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Embryo sac abortion is one of the major reasons for sterility in indica/japonica hybrids in rice. To clarify the causal mechanism of embryo sac abortion, we studied the female gametophyte development in two indica/japonica hybrids via an eosin B staining procedure for embryo sac scanning using confocal laser scanning microscope. Different types of(More)
Polyploidization has played an important role in plant evolution and is a pathway for plants to increase genetic diversification and to get higher heterosis comparing with that of diploid does. This study was undertaken to assess the genetic variation and relationships among 40 autotetraploid rice genotypes and their counterpart diploid cultivars with 99(More)
BACKGROUND High blood pressure is related to cardiovascular diseases. We aimed to explore the interactions of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHTR) gene C677T and A1298C mutations and folate/homocysteine (Hcy) status on blood pressure in a Chinese hypertensive population. METHODS The clinical data in the present study derived from a previous trial(More)
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