Chao-Yang Wang

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3.8.2. Temperature Distribution Measurements 4749 3.8.3. Two-Phase Visualization 4750 3.8.4. Experimental Validation 4751 3.9. Modeling the Catalyst Layer at Pore Level 4751 3.10. Summary and Outlook 4752 4. Direct Methanol Fuel Cells 4753 4.1. Technical Challenges 4754 4.1.1. Methanol Oxidation Kinetics 4754 4.1.2. Methanol Crossover 4755 4.1.3. Water(More)
A 1D model based on physical and electrochemical processes of a lithium ion cell is used to describe constant current and hybrid pulse power haracterization (HPPC) data from a 6 Ah cell designed for hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) application. An approximate solution method for the iffusion of lithium ions within active material particles is formulated using(More)
High-power lithium ion batteries are often rated with multiple current and voltage limits depending on the duration of the pulse event. These variable control limits, however, are difficult to realize in practice. In this paper, a linear Kalman filter based on a reduced order electrochemical model is designed to estimate internal battery potentials,(More)
AbsfraclFibre Channel (FC) is presently the dominant prtocol used in Storage Area Network (SAN). In this paper, we present a new simulation tool SANSim, for modeling and analyzing FC storage network. I/O performance of a FC RAM disk bas been tested and compared with simulation results achieved from the SANSim model. The simulated results match the(More)
Osteoblasts play a crucial role in bone formation. However, the molecular mechanisms involved in osteoblast differentiation remain largely unclear. Runt-related gene 2 (Runx2) is a master transcriptional factor for osteoblast differentiation. Here we reported that p300/CBP-associated factor (PCAF) directly binds to Runx2 and acetylates Runx2, leading to an(More)
We report Nogo-A as an oligodendroglial component congregating and interacting with the Caspr-F3 complex at paranodes. However, its receptor Nogo-66 receptor (NgR) does not segregate to specific axonal domains. CHO cells cotransfected with Caspr and F3, but not with F3 alone, bound specifically to substrates coated with Nogo-66 peptide and GST-Nogo-66.(More)
Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries provide high energy and power density energy storage for diverse applications ranging from cell phones to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). For efficient and reliable systems integration, low order dynamic battery models are needed. This paper introduces a general method to generate numerically a fully observable/controllable(More)
Baculoviral vectors can transduce neurons in the CNS but mediate only transient expression of transgenes. We have developed a new baculoviral vector in which the inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) of adeno-associated virus are used to flank a luciferase reporter gene cassette harboring a neuron-specific promoter. When tested in rat brain, the new viral vector(More)
BACKGROUND If the emphysema lesions are not symmetrical, unilateral lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) can be carried out on the more severe side. The aim of this research was to evaluate the feasibility and effects of LVRS performed simultaneously with resection of pulmonary and esophageal neoplasms. METHODS Forty-five patients with pulmonary neoplasm(More)