Chao-Yang Lu

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Scalable quantum computing can be achieved only if quantum bits are manipulated in a fault-tolerant fashion. Topological error correction--a method that combines topological quantum computation with quantum error correction--has the highest known tolerable error rate for a local architecture. The technique makes use of cluster states with topological(More)
8 in the scattered photon spectrum—the hallmark of resonance fluorescence when an optical transition is driven resonantly—is presented as a natural way to spectrally isolate the photons of interest from the original driving field. We also demonstrate that the relative frequencies of the two spin-tagged photon states can be tuned independent of an applied(More)
Quantum teleportation provides a 'disembodied' way to transfer quantum states from one object to another at a distant location, assisted by previously shared entangled states and a classical communication channel. As well as being of fundamental interest, teleportation has been recognized as an important element in long-distance quantum communication,(More)
Scalable photonic quantum technologies require on-demand single-photon sources with simultaneously high levels of purity, indistinguishability, and efficiency. These key features, however, have only been demonstrated separately in previous experiments. Here, by s-shell pulsed resonant excitation of a Purcell-enhanced quantum dot-micropillar system, we(More)
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